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Anyone who spends a significant amount of time working at a desk will no doubt be aware about the importance of good ergonomics to help ensure correct posture and reduce the risk of strains, stresses and injuries when working with computing equipment. With that in mind, we stock an assortment of desk stands, pc mounts, cable management arms and mounting brackets to help you deploy your hardware ergonomically and keep your desks free from cable clutter.

Most of the products you’ll find listed in our store are official manufacturer branded products from the likes of Dell, HP and Lenovo; they are designed to be compatible with a specific list of computing products. If you need a solution for a PC you cannot see listed as supported, please contact us as we may still be able to help since we also have access to a wide range of universal mounts which may be suitable.

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  1. Dell - system desk stand
    As low as £13.44 £16.13
  2. HP - system stand
    As low as £19.49 £23.39
  3. Dell OSS21 - monitor/desktop stand
    As low as £123.19 £147.83
  4. HP - thin client to monitor mounting bracket
    As low as £53.33 £64.00
  5. Dell - desktop to monitor mounting kit
    As low as £31.26 £37.51
  6. Dell monitor stand base extender
    As low as £15.38 £18.46
  7. HP Adjustable Height Stand - all-in-one stand
    As low as £90.26 £108.31
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