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HPE Intelligent Management Center Basic Edition - product upgrade licence - 50 nodes

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HPE Intelligent Management Center Basic Edition - Product upgrade licence - 50 nodes - upgrade from HP PCM+ - electronic - Linux, Win
Key Selling Points
  • Centralized deployment for small network environments
  • Integrated sFlow traffic monitoring
  • Low maintenance costs and TCO
  • Detailed interface performance monitoring and management
  • Flexible centralized reporting
HPE Intelligent Management Center (IMC) Basic Software Platform is next-generation network management software with unified resource and device management.
  • HPE Intelligent Management Software (IMC)
    Cohesively integrates fault management, element configuration, and network monitoring from a central vantage point; built-in support for third-party devices enables network administrators to centrally manage all network elements with a variety of automated tasks, including discovery, categorization, baseline configurations, and software images; the software also provides configuration comparison tools, version tracking, change alerts, and more.
  • Centralized deployment model
    IMC Basic software delivers an extensive set of capabilities for managing small heterogeneous networks and is designed for simplicity and ease of use.
  • Rich resource management
    IMC software provides powerful network discovery and topology, including a detailed inventory of the network and highly accurate depictions of how it is configured; supported views include Layer 2 and 3, and the ability to create custom views like a dashboard homepage; customization enables administrators to organize and control the network infrastructure based on their preferred organizational model.
  • Integrated sFlow traffic analysis
    Using the integrated sFlow traffic analysis, the system can collect flow information from sFlow-capable devices; through traffic analysis, IMC Basic software can help identify network bottlenecks, recognize anomalous traffic, and pinpoint varying levels of bandwidth traffic for different services and applications.
  • IMC mobile application
    IMC software provides a mobile application for the iPhone and the Android operating system; this provides administrators with the flexibility to monitor the network while they are away from their offices.
  • Telnet/SSH proxy
    With the Telnet/SSH proxy, an administrator can use a browser to remotely access and manage devices through Telnet/SSH without installing a Telnet/SSH tool on the PC client used to access the device; this promotes secure and controlled access to devices while providing an audit of changes made on any device.
  • Traffic topology
    Is based on the network's physical topology and enables users to view the traffic conditions of various links.
  • Performance monitoring
    IMC Basic software provides more ways to view interface performance data; includes four interface performance views: TopN, trend analysis, summary data, and at a glance; the GUI is flexible and allows for instant viewing, switching between multiple views and quick access to the various interface performance summary views.
  • Network data collection
    Generates, packages, and sends archived information about your network, device, or IMC Basic software to the appropriate HPE Networking support or sales organizations in one simple step; this feature gathers the data you selected and then generates reports and data files containing the relevant information; finally, it delivers the reports to your selected destination, either by email, FTP, SFTP, or to a file location.
  • HP PCM+ to IMC Basic Software Platform Upgrade with 50-node E-LTU
Tech Specs
General / Category Networking applications
Warranty Cover New releases update
Software / Licence Type Product upgrade licence
Software / Licence Qty 50 nodes
Model HPE Intelligent Management Center
Model Basic Edition
Brand HPE
Packaged Quantity 1

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