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Intelligent Management Center MPLS VPN Manager (MVM) - licence

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Intelligent Management Center MPLS VPN Manager (MVM) - Licence - electronic - Linux, Win
Key Selling Points
  • MPLS VPN resource management
  • MPLS VPN group management
  • MPLS VPN monitoring
  • MPLS VPN traffic monitoring
  • MPLS VPN deployment
Large-scale enterprise networks, by their very nature and design, feature large numbers of access points (APs) that demand access control. Providing reliable, private connections for different services is an effective way to improve production and maximize the value of your network infrastructure investment, especially for geographically dispersed enterprises. VPNs enable enterprises to use the Internet as a medium for secure, private data exchanges.
  • MPLS VPN resource management
    IMC MVM provides network administrators with an easy way to add VPN resources such as PEs, CEs and VPNs. PEs and CEs can be imported from the basic network resources, while VPNs can be either be manually added or automatically discovered.
  • MPLS VPN group management
    IMC MVM can group VPNs based on your needs or the actual network. With large, complex networks, IMC MVM can allocate VPNs into different groups based on client or network type to optimize performance and minimize idle bandwidth.
  • MPLS VPN monitoring
    IMC MVM provides a powerful VPN monitoring function that displays the fault status and configuration status of all monitored networks in real time, including VPN access topology and VPN service topology. This enables your IT staff to respond quickly to any issues that arise, minimizing network downtime and maximizing the efficiency of your staff and network.
  • MPLS VPN traffic monitoring
    IMC MVM provides traffic statistics and reporting functions for VPN and service access, enabling traffic trend analysis. Service access traffic is collected from the links through which CEs access PEs. VPN and service traffic statistics can be displayed in various formats per user selection, and customized statistics reports can be exported daily, monthly or annually.
  • MPLS VPN deployment
    IMC MVM provides a Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) MPLS VPN deployment function that facilitates the deployment of VPNs by eliminating the need to memorize command lines, therefore reducing the configuration workload and enabling your IT staff to focus on other mission-critical endeavors.
Tech Specs
General / Category Networking applications
Software / Licence Type Licence
Model Intelligent Management Center
Model MPLS VPN Manager (MVM)
Brand HPE
Packaged Quantity 1

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