Our product conditions explained

We’re often asked about the various grades and condition types that many of our products take. And while the vast majority of the items we sell are brand new, there are other options available, which provide a great solution for those businesses that are perhaps on a tighter budget. We show the condition or grade of stock on all products featured on our website. You'll see this information on the right-hand side of each product page, just above the price. If you hover your mouse over the icon shown to the right of the condition text, a popup will be displayed with an explanation of that condition together with the warranty cover that is available for that grade.

Below is a brief explanation of what our different product conditions mean. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


product condition description

Brand new retail stock

Brand new retail products are identical to any other new products that you would buy from another reputable supplier. They are supplied in pristine, retail sealed packaging and are covered by the full manufacturer warranty.

Retail build

As well as new products, we offer what we term retail build products. The only difference between these and brand new products are that the retail build products are assembled by our team of certified engineers in house prior to shipping. In all other respects, they are identical to brand new products, they have the full manufacturer warranty and are unused units.


Retail build.JPG


Open box

Otherwise referred to as damaged box products, open box items are brand new, unused products that have incurred some sort of cosmetic damage to the outer packaging. More often than not this would cover a minor tear, scratch or scuff mark on the box, but we don’t differentiate between these minor issues when we classify the product’s condition on our systems. The products themselves are in pristine condition, are unused and are covered by the full manufacturer warranty.


Open box.JPG


Spares box

A spares box product is a brand new, unused product that is covered by a one-year manufacturer warranty. Spares box products are typically carried by field service engineers for on-site repairs or replacements and are identical to their new counterparts, but are supplied in plain packaging.


Spares box.JPG


HP Renew

HP Renew products are those that have been returned to HP for a variety of reasons: they could be ex-display or demo stock, or perhaps products that have been sent back via their returns process. HP has extremely stringent and robust checks that they apply to products that are badged as HP Renew. This means each product goes through extensive checks and quality control measures, just to ensure the products are working as well as their new counterparts.

HP cover their Renew products using the same manufacturer warranty as their new products. The advantage is, if you are looking at HP Renew, the products have the same full HP warranty but are significantly cheaper.


HP renew.JPG


Refurbished products

Refurbished products might include brand new products that we have lost the packaging for, they could be products that have been returned to us for a variety of reasons, which have been tested and deemed fit to be resold. They might include components retrieved from system builds that we have put out for sale again. We cover refurbished products by a 30 day The IT Bay warranty.




Got any questions?

The tech experts at The IT Bay are happy to answer any questions you may have about our stock. Contact us today to discuss your options by calling 0333 174 1338.