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With a wide range of laptop bags and cases to choose from, picking the right one to suit your needs can be tricky. Here are some of the key considerations to factor. Start by thinking about the main purpose of the bag. What will you be carrying and where are you taking it to? Are you a minimalist just looking for a case to fit a laptop and not much else into or do you need a bag that will also accommodate books, bottles, stationery, gym gear etc? Your typical journey will shape your product choice too. If you'll often be exposed to the elements, a weather resistant laptop bag is a must. If you're working out of an office, the style of case could be important; a messenger style laptop bag might be more appropriate than a brightly coloured sporty rucksack for example.

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  1. HP - tablet PC protective sleeve
    As low as £25.76 £30.91
  2. HP Travel - notebook carrying backpack
    As low as £24.67 £29.60
  3. HP Renew Executive - notebook sleeve
    As low as £38.14 £45.77
  4. HP Travel - notebook carrying backpack
    As low as £41.10 £49.32
  5. HP Renew Executive - notebook carrying backpack
    As low as £82.46 £98.95
  6. Dell EcoLoop Urban CP4523G - notebook carrying backpack
    As low as £22.81 £27.37
  7. Dell EcoLoop Pro CV5423 - notebook sleeve
    As low as £27.05 £32.46
  8. Lenovo - notebook sleeve
    As low as £19.42 £23.30
  9. Dell EcoLoop Pro CP5723 - notebook carrying backpack
    As low as £47.06 £56.47
  10. Dell EcoLoop Pro CC5623 - notebook carrying case
    As low as £34.94 £41.93
  11. Dell EcoLoop Urban CP4523B - notebook carrying backpack
    As low as £22.81 £27.37
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63 items

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