Pens & Styluses

A stylus is typically smaller and thinner than a digital pen and usually contains no internal electronics whereas a digital pen can often do a lot more than simple writing and drawing. Pens and styluses are designed specifically for use with tablets and other touchscreen devices. Whilst you can accomplish a lot with finger taps and swipes, if you want to create digital sketches or art or if you like to take handwritten digital notes only a pen or stylus will provide the fine control and accuracy you need. Many pens have a pressure-sensitive tip that allows you to vary the line width, and they often come with built-in software that makes them easy to use. There are a few things to consider before buying a pen or stylus for your device.


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  1. Dell PN9315A - active stylus - Bluetooth 5.0 LE
    As low as £100.77 £120.92
  2. Apple Pencil 1st Generation - stylus for tablet
    As low as £108.29 £129.95
  3. Dell NB1022 - stylus nib kit
    As low as £12.14 £14.57
  4. Dell PN5122W - active stylus - black
    As low as £39.32 £47.18
  5. HP Pro Pen - digital pen - black
    As low as £46.24 £55.49
  6. HP Active Pen G3 - digital pen - grey
    As low as £105.86 £127.03
  7. Apple Pencil 2nd Generation - stylus for tablet
    As low as £127.00 £152.40
  8. HP x360 11 EMR - active stylus
    As low as £47.27 £56.72
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