Laptop Power Supplies

If you need to replace your laptop power supply (also called power adapter or charger), there are a few things to be aware of before you buy. Laptop power supplies come in a variety of shapes and sizes with a range of different connectors and are manufactured to differing standards. You'll need to cross reference the specifications of any laptop power adapter with those of your laptop to ensure compatibility. Look for a sticker or inscription on your laptop (usually found on the base of the laptop) listing your laptop's model number and charger power output data (usually listed in volts and amps output). If you cannot locate this data on the laptop itself, consult the paperwork you got with the laptop or refer to the manufacturer's website. Once you have the voltage and amps data, multiply them together and round up the total to get the total wattage for your laptop.

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  1. Apple USB-C - power adapter - 140 Watt
    As low as £88.65 £106.38
  2. HP - USB-C power adapter - 65 Watt
    As low as £54.63 £65.56
  3. HP - power adapter - 65 Watt
    As low as £18.00 £21.60
  4. Dell E4 AC adapter - Kit - power adapter - 90 Watt
    As low as £53.09 £63.71
  5. Dell AC Adapter - Kit - power adapter - 90 Watt
    As low as £58.94 £70.73
  6. HPE Aruba - power adapter - 50 Watt
    As low as £70.00 £84.00
  7. Lenovo USB-C 65W AC Adapter - power adapter - 65 Watt
    As low as £47.18 £56.62
  8. HP USB-C LC - power adapter - 65 Watt
    As low as £35.69 £42.83
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